Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Sign Language

So my mother in law was staying with us for Easter, it was great having her here! I'm lucky in the fact that I love my husbands mother, and she doesn't drive me any more crazy than my real mother does. While she was visiting she asked if we were doing Sign Language with our daughter, I said no that I had thought about it, but hadn't done anything about the possibility. She talked, proudly, about how my brother in law, and his wife's son (who's exactly 6 months older than our munchkin) knows 'please' and 'thank you' really well. My brother in law, and his wife were in my sign language class in high school. So I did the only logical thing, I texted my sister in law to ask her about it. When they started, how long it took, what she thinks of it. She raved about how it's really helping my nephew with the frustration cause by his lack of verbal communication. They started when he was a year old.

So we're starting it! I taught my husband the words we use the most.
Thank You

We're definitely behind the curve when it comes to the starting age, but I'm really excited to give her some sort of means to tell us what she needs, before her verbal skills progress. I've also read that infants who do sign tend to excel with verbal communication and have a more expansive vocabulary than those who don't. They just seem to pick it up, and absorb everything faster. Now we've just got to remember to sign the word, every time we say it! Time to make signing second nature again!

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